Bulbrite Adds New Grand Nostalgic Bulb to the Collection

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite’s collection of Grand Nostalgics continues to expand with the introduction of its newest addition, the NOS60-GLOBE.

Oversized to create a strong visual element in any environment, this new shape measures over 11” tall and nearly 8” wide. At the center of the bulb stands a handmade spiral filament. With its antique finish, the bulb when paired with an open socket fixture generates a warm glow of light creating a distinct feeling of uniqueness and nostalgia.

The Grand Nostalgic collection, now features four (4) distinct bulb shapes – a long tubular shape with a spiral filament (NOS60-ET), a pear shape with a spiral filament (NOS60-PS), a bulged tubular shape with a thread filament (NOS60-BT), and the new globe shape with spiral filament (NOS60-GLOBE).

These bulbs are perfect statement pieces that bring an authentic and vintage feel to any décor, and can be used with any standard, medium (E26) base eliminating any need for a socket adaptor. These four bulb shapes pair perfectly with Bulbrite’s Swag Pendant to create simple, inspiring vintage fixtures. The Swag Pendant is now available in a hard-wire option in addition to it’s easy-to-install plug-in option, giving any user the ability to choose a fixture based on their unique needs.

For more detailed information on this new product and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.

Lightovation is a bi-annual trade show held at the Dallas Market Center. The Dallas Market Center is widely renowned as the “International Home of Lighting”. During the Lightovation trade show, held each January and June, thousands of lighting buyers and professionals travel to Dallas to display their innovative product lines. Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center offers the most comprehensive collection of fixed, portable and trend lighting for residential and commercial applications.

Bulbrite Now Offers SORAA Flicker Free™ MR16 LED Lamps

MOONACHIE, NJ – Bulbrite is the exclusive distributor of SORAA products to residential lighting showrooms in the US, Canada and Caribbean. As a partner of SORAA, we are excited to share that SORAA has recently launched new Flicker Free™ MR16 LED lamps. All 12V MR16 GU5.3 lamps will be transitioning to the new Flicker Free™ technology over the next few weeks.

For the most up to date information regarding availability of Flicker Free™ MR16 LED lamps please contact us at (800) 528 – 5555.

SORAA Launches Flicker Free™ MR16 LED Lamps

SORAA, the world leader in GaN on GaN™ LED technology, announced today that it has incorporated advanced digital drivers into its award winning MR16 LED lamps—making them flicker free. Featuring the company’s signature elements of full visible spectrum light, SORAA’s new Flicker Free™ MR16 LED lamp eliminates the problem of stroboscopic effect, or “invisible flicker”, that plagues other companies’ MR16 LED lamps. In doing so, SORAA’s digital driver completely addresses the adverse physiological effects associated with invisible flicker, as well significantly expanding the compatibility and capability of the MR16 lamp.

SORAA is unique in creating a high-capability digital driver that closely matches the very small form factor of a halogen MR16; leading to far superior fixture compatibility compared to all other low-flicker MR16s. In addition, SORAA’s new digital driver MR16 LED lamps have expanded compatibility with transformers and dimmers; and like all of SORAA’s lamps, they regulate temperature to maintain lifetime, color quality and efficiency across a range of application conditions.

“SORAA’s new MR16 LED lamps started off as the manifestation of our stubborn determination to solve the industry’s flicker problem while producing simply perfect light. But now it has become one of the most capable and versatile lamps in our product portfolio,” said George Stringer, SVP of Global Sales and Marketing at SORAA. “By going digital, customers now have access to the world’s most beautiful, compatible, reliable, and capable MR16 LED lamp.”

SORAA’s new digital driver MR16 LED lamps are the first true ANSI size standard flicker free LED lamps. The new lamps are available in 6W, 7.5W and 9W versions with light output equivalent to 35W, 50W, and 75W halogen lamps; are fully dimmable; and the 6W and 7.5W lamps are ideally suited for enclosed, non-ventilated, indoor and outdoor fixtures—a place where other LED lamps struggle to perform. SORAA’s Flicker FreeTM MR16 LED lamps are available in 10 degree, 25 degree, and 36 degree beam angles; 2700K, 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures; and 95CRI and 80CRI. Plus, SORAA’s 10 degree lamps work with its award-winning magnetic accessory SNAP System. With a simple magnetic accessory attachment, beam shapes can be altered and color temperature can be modified, allowing endless design and display possibilities.

Like all of SORAA’s LED products, the new Flicker Free™ MR16 lamps feature the company’s Violet-Emission 3-Phosphor (VP?) LED technology, allowing for perfect rendering of colors and whiteness. Utilizing every color in the rainbow, especially deep red emission, SORAA’s VP? VIVID COLOR™ renders warm tones beautifully and accurately, and achieves a color-rendering index (CRI) of 95 and deep red (R9) rendering of 95. And unlike blue-based white LEDs without any violet emission, the company’s VP? NATURAL WHITE™ is achieved by engineering the violet emission to properly excite fluorescing brightening agents including natural objects like human eyes and teeth; as well as manufactured white materials such as clothing, paper and cosmetics.

For more information on SORAA’s new Flicker FreeTM MR16 LED lamps, visit: www.SORAA.com. Additionally, Laszlo Takacs, the architect of digital power at SORAA, will be discussing the company’s new digital driver technology in a series of blogs on SORAA’s website starting in late February 2016

Bulbrite Annual Award Winners Shine Bright at Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show 2016

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite celebrates an awards season of its own by announcing the company’s annual customer and sales representative award winners at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016. Categories include: Agency of the Year, Most Improved Agency, Best New Agency, Market Penetration, BE BRITE Customer Award, and Showroom Partner of the Year.

“It’s our pleasure to recognize partners who practice and reflect the same passion, values and innovation that we do,” said Brian Creeley, Director of Sales, Bulbrite Industries. “Bulbrite congratulates the 2015 award winners and looks forward to an outstanding 2016!”

And the 2015 Bulbrite awards go to…

Agency of the Year – Eastern Illuminations of New England

  • Frank Brennan and Patrick DeBarber are the recipients of the Agency of the Year Award. This honor was given to Frank and Patrick as they displayed exceptional sales growth, proactive communication and have a true understanding of the customer/vendor relationship. Most Improved Agency – BC Lighting Sales (Ohio and Indiana)
  • Awarded to Brad and Karen Krieger, the Most Improved Agency award recognizes the team that personifies resilience in face of adversity and finds creative ways to drive their business. BC Lighting is extremely deserving given their strong performance in 2015. Best New Agency – Source Lighting (Tennessee)
  • Jonathan McKinley receives the Best New Agency award as we recognize Source Lighting’s ability to understand the market, become experts of our products, leverage the customer relationship, and generate significant business in their first year with Bulbrite. Market Penetration – Agents Manufacturies N.D. (Quebec)
  • Normand Drapeau is the recipient of the Market Penetration Award by quickly turning Bulbrite into a market leader in his territory. Normand’s ability to have his finger on the pulse of the business has helped him capture market share through multiple channels of distribution. BE BRITE Customer Award – Plumbing Distributors, Inc. (Georgia)
  • Plumbing Distributors is recognized as the customer that most exemplifies and aligns with Bulbrite’s BE BRITE values. This award highlights the importance of a values driven business and highlights the synergy that exists between the two companies. Showroom Partner of the Year – Connecticut Lighting Center
  • Connecticut Lighting Center is recognized as a key national showroom that impacts their market through their support and collaboration with Bulbrite. Connecticut Lighting carries multiple technologies, exhibits consistent sales growth and works tirelessly to make the vendor/distributor relationship a true win/win.BULBRITE is a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative, energy efficient light source solutions and the premier educational resource for lamping technology.Join us in congratulating the 2015 Bulbrite award recipients by stopping by our showroom TM #3525 during Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.


Bulbrite Shines the Spotlight on New Product Introductions – Over 70 New Products Debut at Lightovation 2016

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite’s General and Specialty Lighting offerings just got a whole lot brighter with its largest launch of new products ever!

Today, Bulbrite announced at Lightovation the release of over seventy (70) new products in various general and specialty lighting categories including LED Plus PARs, LED Reflectors, LED A-Types, LED MR16s, LED Filaments, LED Halogen replacements, Incandescent Nostalgics and swag pendants. Almost 90% of the new Bulbrite product introductions are in the LED format.

“With the introduction of over seventy new lighting solutions to the Bulbrite product portfolio, our customers truly have the opportunity for one stop shopping,” said Cathy Choi, President, Bulbrite Industries, “In addition, with LED technology products accounting for the majority of the product introductions, our customers are positioned as technological leaders with the ability to drive new revenue.”

LED PLUS PARs (33 new products):
Bulbrite’s LED Plus PARs now provide the flexibility to light your outdoor space just as well as indoor spaces! This series of UL wet location listed PARs is perfect for outdoor security lighting and landscape uses. With a wide variety of shapes including PAR20, PAR30 Short Neck, PAR30 Long Neck, and PAR38 models as well as beam spreads and color temperatures, any indoor household application is also sure to be covered. Choose from warm white 2700K, soft white 3000K or 4000K cool white to cater to a wide variety of preferences and 3 beam options: Narrow Flood, Flood and Wide Flood (only PAR38 models). Six (6) of the models also have a high 90 CRI, bringing more accurate color rendering to the LED PAR Plus family. Not only does the series offer options, but the quality Bulbrite’s known for, with full dimmability and Energy Star certification.

LED REFLECTORS (6 new products):
Bulbrite’s LED Reflector series continues to grow. Transitioning items will be a current 15W BR30 (80 equivalent) to a 12.5W BR30 LED, making it a more efficient option as well as a 16W LED BR40 (85W equivalent) to a 20W BR40 (120W equivalent) giving users more light than before for those high ceilings – both in 2700K and 3000K. New to the series is their 16.5W LED BR30 at 90 CRI to render the best colors for your indoor space. It is also CEC (California Energy Commission) qualified in meeting their voluntary high performance LED bulb standards. The aforementioned options are also Energy Star qualified. Additionally, for larger projects, Bulbrite launched a 4 bulb value pack of basic LED BR30s that have been safety certified through UL as well as fully dimmable.

LED A-TYPES (4 new products):
For your standard lighting needs, new LED A19 models will be available in 75W, 100W, and 3-Way (30/70/100W) incandescent replacement options. Now, users can choose a 60W, 75W or 100W traditional A-type LED replacement that is fully dimmable, Energy Star qualified and that matches the warm white light (2700K) of an incandescent. Additionally, for contractors seeking to bring energy efficiency to a large scale installation, Bulbrite launched a 4 bulb value pack of basic LED A19s that have been safety certified through UL.

LED MR16’s (4 new products):
Further expanding Bulbrite’s LED MR16s line are four (4) new 80 CRI models adding to the robust line of LED MR16s which currently include 90 CRI models. These bulbs, at the equivalent of 50 watts, offer customers an energy efficient, fully dimmable and Energy Star certified alternative to halogen MR’s.

LED FILAMENTS (16 new products):

  • Non-collared, Fully Dimmable LED Filaments – Previously, Bulbrite’s non-collared LED Filaments were only dimmable on ELV dimmers, as are the majority of non-collared LED Filaments on the market. Bulbrite has taken advantage of technological improvements in driver technology to produce LED Filament products that do not have the unsightly collars, and are fully compatible with most dimmer types, not just ELV. The new bulb models that are fully dimmable on all dimmer types without the collar include A19, G25, ST18, T9, and T14 in various configurations.

  • Frosted, G16 and Half Mirror LED Filaments – Extending the current Bulbrite specialty LED Filament line, the company is introducing new items in CA10, B11, G16, G25 and A19 configurations. These Frosted, G16 and Half Mirror products are non-collared and dimmable only on ELV dimmers.

    SPECIALTY LED (3 new products):
    Within the Specialty LED category, Bulbrite is introducing LED G9, G8, and GY6 models that are energy efficient, longer lasting, and make the transition to LED seamless and hassle-free. True retrofits for wedge lamps and 360° Illumination, these bulbs are ideal for any residential or commercial applications, including landscape lighting, signs, and displays.

    INCANDESCENT NOSTALGICS (7 new products):

  • Grand Nostalgics – Known for its authentic, vintage feel, Bulbrite is once again raising the bar within the incandescent nostalgic category by launching three new Grand Nostalgics. Oversized to create a strong visual element in any decorative application, the new NOS60-BT, -ET and PS bulbs are perfect for use in Bulbrite’s new Swag Pendant to create simple, inspiring, vintage fixtures.

  • Nostalgics- Lantern, Gem, and miniNostalgic T8 are three of the newest exciting and unique shapes that Bulbrite is adding to its extensive nostalgic line. These new eye catching shapes and wire filament designs offer consumers exciting lighting options.
  • Grand Nostalgics, Lantern and Gem incandescent nostalgic bulbs are ideal for use in combination with the new Bulbrite Swag Pendant, instantly creating a hanging fixture that brings an industrial feel to any contemporary or vintage décor.

    For more detailed information on all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by TM #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.


Bulbrite Issues New Lighting Product Catalogs

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Innovating, educating and exceeding expectations since 1971, Bulbrite releases two new product catalogs that support its comprehensive portfolio of light source solutions. The new LED Product Catalog features a wide range of technologically advanced Bulbrite LED products, for both traditional and designer applications. The General Product Catalog contains Bulbrite’s vast assortment of Incandescent, Halogen, Krypton/Xenon, Compact Fluorescent, Fluorescent, and HID product lines offering solutions for residential and commercial applications. Key highlights of the new catalogs include expanded content with nearly 200 new products, user-friendly interface, educational resources, references and easy access to digital versions online!

Bulbrite’s new catalogs feature nearly 200 new products ranging from LED to designer Nostalgic lamps. Included in these catalogs are the 70 plus new products that are being launched at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.

Both catalog designs present significant technical information in a user-friendly format. Icons throughout the catalog help users identify Energy Star qualified products, UL rated products and many other performance ratings. It is also color coded by lighting technology, making it easier than ever to identify the particular lighting products you are looking for. Even for those new to lighting, application icons, features and benefits, large color images and equivalencies to older technologies are presented to help you find the right light for the right application.

“At Bulbrite we have taken our catalogs to a higher level as our customers require quick and clear access to detailed information when searching for light source solutions,” said Cathy Choi, President. “In addition to powerful images and eye-catching graphics, both catalogs help educate about each and every bulb and lighting solution we offer, which in turn makes our customers well-informed and confident about their selections.”

Users can also utilize the various educational content areas for reference when trying to identify bulbs, troubleshoot issues or simply learn more about the regulations and legislations affecting different types of bulbs.

Additional highlights include:

  • User-friendly index page with bold, color coded lighting technologies to help navigate the catalog with ease
  • Updated footnotes section with detailed technical product information
  • Warranty information for those installing the products

Bulbrite offers industry professionals the most comprehensive compilation of product information. Each catalog is written with customers in mind and each is reflective of the energized Bulbrite brand.

To view the catalog online or to request a copy in the mail, visit the website at www.bulbrite.com or call 800-528–5555.

For more detailed information on all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by TM #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.


Bulbrite Introduces New Line to Dimmable LED Retrofit Lamps

MOONACHIE, NJ –Bulbrite, a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative, energy efficient light source solutions, introduces a new Dimmable LED MR16 retrofit lamp series, adding to its existing full line of dimmable LED retrofit lamps of PARs, Rs, A-type, globes and chandeliers.

At 7.7 watts, these energy-saving bulbs offer customers 50W output and excellent color rendering. Dimmable LED MR16 bulbs provide shadow-free, uniform lighting making them ideal for residential and commercial track lighting applications where quality directional light is needed.

Offered in both Warm White (2700K) and Soft White (3000K), the Dimmable LED MR16 retrofit lamps emit a soft, warm glow and are compatible with a variety of dimmers. This series is available in Flood and Narrow flood 25 and 36 beam angles to cover various applications.

LED MR16 models have light packages ranging from 480 to 500 lumens and a high CRI rating of 90. Additionally, Bulbrite MR16s have a high R9 of 70 and R13 of 96 ensuring colors pop with no odd discoloration; rending rich reds and enhancing natural skin colors. The bulb replaces a 50W halogen MR16, resulting in 84 percent energy savings.

“LED technology has opened many opportunities for the lighting industry to develop and introduce high quality solutions to the market place,” says Bulbrite Manager Martha Delgado. “We are proud to launch this new series of HIGH CRI LED MR16s. At a 50W equivalent, we expect this to fulfill many traditional applications in the residential market, benefiting users with the long life and energy efficiency of LED technology.”

The new Dimmable LED MR16 series are all cUL certified and Energy Star qualified, making them eligible for many rebate programs.

Bulbrite’s Dimmable LED MR16 retrofit lamp series is available today!

For more information, call to speak to an ALA Certified Lighting Professional at 800.528.5555 or email info@bulbrite.com.

Bulbrite Supports Incremental Sales with Mail-In Rebate Promotion

MOONACHIE, NJ –Continuing its commitment to its customers, Bulbrite announces a ten dollar ($10) consumer mail-in rebate promotion with the purchase of its A19 and ST18 LED Filament bulbs.

“At Bulbrite, we value our customer partners and we’re committed to working with them to drive sell through and incremental sales of our high-quality, energy-efficient products,” said Eric Choi, Product Manager at Bulbrite. “Bulbrite LED Filament bulbs have a long life of 15,000 hours and consume 10 times less energy than their incandescent counterparts, saving consumers money.”

From October 2015 through June 30, 2016, Bulbrite retailers have the opportunity to generate impulse purchases with this high value sell-through promotion. Bulbrite is supporting this mail-in rebate promotion with eye-catching refillable displays prepacked with a total of 72 bulbs (36 units of A19 and ST18 bulbs each). The compact footprint of this display allows it to be placed anywhere in the customer’s store.

Consumers are eligible for a $10 mail-in rebate with the purchase of three Bulbrite A19 or ST18 LED Filament products through June 30, 2016.

For more information, call to speak to an ALA Certified Lighting Professional at 800.528.5555 or email info@bulbrite.com.

Bulbrite Illuminates 2015 International Lighting Market in Dallas: New Product Introductions

MOONACHIE, NJ – Bulbrite, the Nostalgic experts, put the spotlight on innovation during the recent 2015 International Lighting Market in Dallas by introducing a series of new bulb varieties to help customers expand their designer offering including LED Filaments, LED True Shape PARs and Reflectors, Single & Multi Strand Starry Lights and the Nostalgic Centennial Bulb Replica.

“Bulbrite continues to innovate providing our customers with the most eclectic selection and energy-efficient lighting options available,” said Bill Drysdale, Vice President of Marketing, Bulbrite Industries. “With our latest light source introductions, our retail partners can offer consumers a brand name they know and trust for consistent, high quality products.”

LED Filaments
Bulbrite continues its tradition of presenting the best lighting solutions from LED technology in a whole new light with its latest additions to the standard, nostalgic and colored bulb selections. All of these long life LED Filaments are UL rated for damp locations and dimmable with Electronic Low Voltage (ELV) dimmers.

  • Standard: New introductions include: CA10 in a candelabra (E12) and medium base (E26); T8 and T9 long medium base (E26) and are all available in a clear finish.
  • Nostalgic: The antique finish variety provides that authentic vintage feel with very warm 2200K LED filaments and all are long life LEDs providing lasting vintage appeal. New additions include: T8 long, T9 and T18 medium base (E26).
  • Colored: These new bulbs now shine longer and feature thermal paint, providing a richer vibrant color. These new illumination S14 bulbs have a medium base (E26) and are available in green, yellow, red and blue – ideal for amusement and theatrical lighting.

Dimmable True Shape LED Bulbs
Bulbrite introduces next generation additions to its line of True Shape LED bulbs – Short Neck PAR30 and 65W Equivalent BR30, offering lighting professionals and consumer’s superior light quality, and energy-efficient lighting for everyday life.

Ideal for use in residential and commercial applications, both new bulbs offer smooth dimming and are compatible with a variety of dimmers; ENERGY STAR® qualified and boast a long life of 25,000 hours.

  • LED True Shape Short Neck PAR30: Most commonly used in recessed and track lighting, the LED True Shape Short Neck PAR30 is a perfect energy saving replacement for PAR30 halogen bulbs. cUL-approved and environmentally-friendly, this LED provides improved heat dissipation, increased thermal conductivity and uniform lighting. Fully dimmable, the LED PAR30 Short Neck provides a soft while light (3000K) and is available in 3 beam spreads- Narrow Flood, Flood and White Flood.
  • LED True Shape 65W Equivalent BR30: Available in warm white (2700K) and soft white (3000K) light, the 65W Equivalent BR30 is most commonly used in recessed lighting. Its smooth and heatsink and true shape closely resemble incandescents.

LED Single & Multi Strand Starry Lights Series
Bulbrite’s LED Starry Lights are moldable LED string lights that can be used in a variety of decorative applications to create an elegant decorative glow. The bendable wire will conform to any shape and can be used in a variety of applications like mantels, centerpieces, planters, trees, or walkways.

  • LED Single Strand Starry Lights: A 10-foot moldable single strand or starry lights that feature warm white (2700K) LEDs. The LED Single Strand Starry Lights are battery operated (3 AA) and are available in silver or copper finish.
  • LED Multi Strand Starry Lights: The moldable multi-strand starry lights has 10 LED lit strands and is 10 feet long. Available in silver or copper finish, the LEDs offer warm white (2700K) and are plug-in.

Nostalgic Centennial Bulb Replica
Bulbrite’s exclusive Nostalgic Centennial Light Bulb is an excellent replica of antique light bulbs! It is meticulously crafted to preserve the look of the longest burning light bulb in history.

Acknowledged for its long life by Guinness World Records, this is an authentic replica of the original Shelby bulb first manufactured in the 1890s. Currently it is lit in Livermore, CA at the Fire Station Number 6 where it has been on for over 1,000,000 hours!

The Nostalgic Centennial Bulb Replica is a perfect accent for any antique décor. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller lighting designs and bright filaments emanate a warm, amber glow. Bulbrite has long been known for its line of specialty bulbs, particularly for the early introduction of their Edison-style Nostalgic replicas in the early 1980s. Bulbrite has been known within the industry as the “King of Nostalgics”.

Bulbrite’s new LED Filaments, LED True Shape PARs and Reflectors, Single & Multi Strand Starry Lights and Nostalgic Centennial BulbReplica will be available October 2015. Pre-order promotional offers are now available.

For more information about Bulbrite’s vintage line of bulbs call to speak to an ALA Certified Lighting Professional at 800.528.5555 or email info@bulbrite.com.


Bulbrite Receives 2015 NJ Family Business Of the Year Award

MOONACHIE, NJ –Bulbrite Industries, a family owned and operated business, was honored with the 2015 New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award at the 23rd Annual Award Luncheon held on Wednesday, October 14th at the Crystal Plaza in Livingston, New Jersey.

Established in 1992, The New Jersey Family Business of the Year Award program recognizes the significant contributions to the economy and community made by New Jersey family businesses whose innovative strategies and business practices have had a positive impact on the state and local economy and on society in general. Family values, traditions and visions that have helped build our country are just as important as the businesses decisions and are at the heart of this award.

Bulbrite began in 1971 with Andrew Choi, drawing on his previous experience in the lighting trade, selling light bulbs door to door in the Bowery section of New York City. Since then, Andrew, his wife Barbara, their children (Cathy, Dorothy and Eric) and their uncle John, have worked to build Bulbrite Industries to be a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative, energy-efficient light source solutions.

Bulbrite and the Choi family have and continue to demonstrate their family values and commitment to education and the local community in a variety of ways including:

  • Opened their first educational training center in Dallas, TX and in 2015, the first West Coast Distribution Center in California.
  • Created a Build-A-Bike annual program to benefit local children.
  • Work closely with the South Bergen Rotary to connect with local community children and families in need.

“It is an honor to have our family business recognized by our community,” said Cathy Choi, President of Bulbrite. “We are steadfast in our commitment to innovate, educate and exceed expectations in all products that we produce and in everything we do as part of the community.”


Lighting for Tomorrow Honors Bulbrite with 2015 Recognition Award

MOONACHIE, NJ –Bulbrite Industries was honored with the 2015 Special Group Recognition Award for its LED Filament Series by Lighting for Tomorrow during the organization’s Awards Ceremony held on Saturday, October 3rd at the Annual American Lighting Association Conference in Huntington Beach, CA.

The annual Lighting for Tomorrow competition was created in 2002 to recognize the best decorative, energy efficient lighting fixtures in the residential market. Lighting for Tomorrow encourages manufacturers to develop well designed, energy efficient lighting products with a specific goal of increasing the market availability of ENERGY STAR® residential lighting fixtures.

In 2014, Bulbrite was honored by Lighting for Tomorrow for its LED Retrofit Kit, ELEVA. This year, the committee was looking for residential solid state lighting and lighting controls products that incorporated and enabled superior efficiency, light quality, and new levels of integrated design. As part of the competition, they targeted visible-filament decorative LED lamps to address a growing market segment and energy savings opportunity recognizing that a significant opportunity exists to improve the efficiency of such lamps with LED technology.

Bulbrite has been known within the industry as the “King of Nostalgics” and the LED Filament series is a natural extension of the company’s Nostalgic Collection. The Bulbrite LED Filament series utilizes linear LED strips that can be arranged to emulate the vintage filament styles. By combining the linear LED filaments with the similar tinted glass and the same shapes of its existing Nostalgic series, Bulbrite brings the benefits of LED to the growing popularity of vintage lighting. With 24 SKUs currently, the LED Filament series bulbs boast a long life of 15,000 hours and consumes 10 times less energy than their incandescent counterparts. The Bulbrite LED Filament Series offers the great look and feel of an incandescent while saving consumers money. The company plans to continue to expand this series so it is sure to bring the widest assortment of options to its customers.

The judges noted that Bulbrite deserved recognition for consistently contributing to the continued growth of the LED visible-filament lamp category and by continuing to highlight such efforts, they hope to see continued product improvements in the 2016 competition.

“We are thrilled to be recognized by Lighting for Tomorrow for our LED Filament Series,” said Cathy Choi, President of Bulbrite. ““We are committed to providing innovative products to our customers and this series exemplifies that beautiful light can be energy efficient too.”

For more information, call to speak to an ALA Certified Lighting Professional at 800.528.5555 or email info@bulbrite.com.