Bulbrite Unveils New LED T8 and T5 Linear Tubes

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite is launching a new series of LED T8 and T5 retrofit lamps with seven (7) new models. These LED retrofits are perfect for efficient lighting in any commercial, residential or industrial settings.

The LED T8 lamps come in two convenient installation options, Bypass and Direct (Plug and Play) and are available in 3000K (Soft White) and 4000K (Cool White) color temperatures. Bulbrite’s new LED T8 lamps are a replacement for 32W 4’ Fluorescents, serving as a seamless transition for the popular fluorescent lamp. With two installation options on the new LED T8 retrofits, customers and users have the option to choose the installation process they desire. The Bypass LED T8 requires users to cut the operating power from the ballast and rewire the fixture to direct power. The fixtures must be wired to one end only and utilize non-shunted tombstone sockets. For convenience, Bulbrite will include a non-shunted tombstone socket with each Bypass LED T8. Bypass LED T8s will be labeled with a LIVE END so that the person installing can identify which end of the lamp to insert into the LIVE END of the fixture. The Direct LED T8 can simply be installed into existing ballast driven fixtures with no rewiring – it also has a much longer life than a standard fluorescent at 50,000 hours.

The LED T5s are Direct (Plug and Play) for simple installation and come in a variety of color temperatures including 3000/4000/5000K. This lamp replaces a 54W high output fluorescent, representing about 50% energy savings and has a longer life at 50,000 hours.

Both Bypass and Direct models allow any facility to lower their operating costs by introducing options that consume less energy and have a longer life.

All lamps are fully DLC Qualified, making them potentially rebate eligible. To see if there are rebates available in your area contact your local energy service company.

For more detailed information on this new product and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.

Lightovation is a bi-annual trade show held at the Dallas Market Center. The Dallas Market Center is widely renowned as the “International Home of Lighting”. During the Lightovation trade show, held each January and June, thousands of lighting buyers and professionals travel to Dallas to display their innovative product lines. Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center offers the most comprehensive collection of fixed, portable and trend lighting for residential and commercial applications.