Bulbrite Launches Innovative LED Curved Filaments at Lightovation

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite, often referred to as the “King of Nostalgics”, continues to be the leading source for LED designer lamps. At June’s Lightovation Dallas International Lighting Show, Bulbrite unveils four (4) originally designed LED Curved Filaments, being the first to market with filaments that are not straight or linear.

LED Filaments have been flooding the market over the past several months offering consumers an alternative that looks like an incandescent, but provides the benefits of LED technology of energy savings and longer life. However, the only style available was a replica of the “thread” or sometimes referred to as “squirrelcage” filament due to the limitation of the LED stems being linear.

Pushing for a more authentic look and the development of more options that could replicate additional filament styles including loop and spiral styles, Bulbrite launches LED Curved filaments at Lightovation 2016. The new series features special curved filaments that allow Bulbrite to now create true replicas of all of the styles of the traditional vintage family.

The initial LED Curved Filaments include the LED A19 Loop (traditionally referred to as “the Victor”), LED ST18 Hairpin (traditionally referred to as “the 1890”), LED T14 Spiral and LED G25 spiral. These bulbs are available in both 2W and 4W options. The ingenious shape of the filament provides a visually stimulating element while still providing ambient, nostalgic lighting. With Bulbrite’s LED curved filament technology, the design possibilities are endless with this moldable filament feature. Additionally, all of these products are also UL listed and fully compatible on all dimmer styles, from incandescent to electronic low voltage (ELV) type dimmers, merging flawless style and convenience into each unique lamp.

For more detailed information on this new product and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.

ABOUT LIGHTOVATION Lightovation is a bi-annual trade show held at the Dallas Market Center. The Dallas Market Center is widely renowned as the “International Home of Lighting”. During the Lightovation trade show, held each January and June, thousands of lighting buyers and professionals travel to Dallas to display their innovative product lines. Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center offers the most comprehensive collection of fixed, portable and trend lighting for residential and commercial applications.