Bulbrite Industries: Lighting for Tomorrow Replacement Lamp Winner

The 2017 Lighting for Tomorrow winners were announced at the American Lighting Association annual conference on September 12 in Vancouver, British Columbia. The yearly competition challenges manufacturers to develop residential lighting products that successfully incorporate advances in both design and energy efficiency.

Bulbrite was proud to be a winner in the replacement lamp category with the LED Filament Bulb T6 (Item #776604, Ordering Code LED2T6/22K/FIL-NOS/2) and received an honorable mention with the LED A19 JA8 Qualified (Item #774100, Ordering Code LED9A19/927/J/D and Item #774110, Ordering Code LED9A19/930/J/D).

Bulbrite’s LED Filament Nostalgic T6 bulb has the warm light output and finish of a traditional nostalgic incandescent, with all the benefits of LED. Extremely energy efficient, this ENERGY STAR qualified bulb clocks in at just 2.5 watts and while providing a brightness level of 160 lumens, for an impressive lumens per watt ratio. This candelabra (E12) base bulb is UL Listed for damp locations, suitable for enclosed fixtures, and compatible with all dimmer types, making it an ideal fit for coach lights, sconces, chandeliers, and ceiling fixtures.  The judges commented, “This tubular T6 features a new filament bulb shape and a safety feature meeting a market need at a great price point!”  Available now, these bulbs are the perfect mix of function, style and energy efficiency, all in a neat little package.

Bulbrite’s series of Title 24 Compliant JA8 Qualified 60W Equivalent A-Type LEDs were the second win with its honorable mention recognition. These bulbs are designed to meet the needs of the California builder’s market. Not only do these items meet all the recently effective 2016 Title 24 Building Standards, they introduce high quality lighting for an everyday A-Type bulb to consumers in all North America. Available in both 2700K and 3000K, consumers will enjoy comfortable lighting that emulates incandescent and halogen light sources. Additionally, these lamps have met the strict test methods of JA10 which ensure that flicker is not an issue with this lamp as it can be with lower quality LEDs. Rounding it out with Energy Star and full dimming capabilities, this is a premier lamp for everyday use.  The judges’ remarked, “Not all LEDs are made equal, and some render color better than others; this A-lamp provides some of the best color we’ve seen on the market.”

Check out the entire family of almost 50 fully dimmable LED Filament bulbs, the nearly 30 JA8 Qualified bulbs, and all Bulbrite’s other great lighting products, at www.bulbrite.com.

Bulbrite Debuted Over 130 New LED Models at June Lightovation 2017

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – June 22, 2017 – Bulbrite debuted over one hundred and thirty (130) new LED models at June Lightovation 2017.

Bulbrite’s Grand LED Filament line premiered this week at Lightovation, with eight (8) models to complement their current Incandescent Grand Filament line. The new LED models have a clear finish with a warm, 2200K filament, providing a vintage feel with a modern finish. The bulbs stand at an impressive 12-17 inches and pair with Bulbrite’s pendants to create a conversation piece for any space. These new LED models are energy saving, and are available in unique shapes that give an impressive look to any room.

Another long-awaited LED category expansion is the LED mini collection, featuring eleven (11) SKUs that are Halogen/Krypton/Xenon replacements.  The collection is available in 12V and 120V and includes models with Wedge, G4, GY8, G9, E11 and E12 bases, many of which are fully compatible with all dimmer types.  These LEDs have a higher lumen output and smaller profile, making them a perfect fit for sconces, pendants and other small places.

Added to the growing line of Bulbrite’s LED Filament collection are seven (7) new SKUs, including a B11 E12 chandelier bulb in 2700K & 3000K CCT that are JA8 Qualified. Expected to be one of the most popular additions, the new G40 shape models are available in both clear and frost finishes with a UL rating for Wet and Enclosed locations. Rounding out the line are an A15, T6 and T9 LED Filament clear bulbs in 2700K. The new LED Filaments are ideal for decorative applications in residential and commercial locations, are dimmable and have Energy Star qualified models, bringing the total number of Energy Star qualified products to 25 SKUs.

Bulbrite launched twelve (12) new JA8 Qualified SKUs, including Chip on Board (COB) MR16s and PAR16s as well as A21s and R20s which are all UL damp rated. The expansion to the Title 24 Qualified series of LED Filaments include two (2) candelabra-based B11 models that offer California customers more decorative options that are in high demand.

New LED T8 and T5 DLC 4.2 compliant replacements were also released, all of which are ETL NSF certified for safe use in food areas and similar environments where this certification is needed. Important to note is that all LED Direct T5 and T8 models are dimmable when paired with a compatible dimmable ballast, and all models last twice as long as Fluorescent alternatives. Additionally, the new LED Bypass T8 models include a double input feature which makes them easier to install than previous bypass models. The LED double input T8 is compatible with both shunted and non-shunted tombstone sockets with two live ends.

An expansion of the SORAA collection were debuted at Lightovation, where an impressive seventy-six (76) new additions including Vivid PAR20, PAR30 and PAR38 models with a GU24 base that are Title 24 Compliant JA8 Qualified. In this expansion are also an assortment of new Vivid and Brilliant PAR36 models and new Snap accessories to increase color vividness and adjust beam angles.

For more detailed information on this new product and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2017 or our website at www.bulbrite.com.

Bulbrite Donates Light Bulbs to ART+IDS Conference Grand Veterans Village Project

Bulbrite teamed up with the ART (Accessories Resource Team) + IDS (Interior Design Society) Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, to donate hundreds of light bulbs for their Grand Veterans Village project.

During the ART + IDS Conference, May 18-21 in Scottsdale, Arizona, attendees took part in a community project to support Grand Veteran’s Village, a housing facility for homeless and disabled veterans. All participants put their interior design skills to work, working tirelessly to upgrade the veteran’s facility. More than a 1,000 items were donated by various home furnishing industry companies, including mirrors, accent art, bedding, and lighting. Over 700 lightbulbs were donated from Bulbrite in both medium and candelabra bases for use in various applications throughout the home. The ART + IDS teams provided makeovers for over 100 rooms during the afternoon, providing new, inviting, and comfortable living spaces for these Phoenix-based veterans.

To thank all attendees of this first combined conference, Bulbrite also donated over 180 LED Starry lights that are ideal for DIY and decorative applications to give each participant some additional sparkle to their swag bags!

Bulbrite Hosts Bike Build Challenge and Donates Kids’ Bikes

MOONACHIE, NJ – BULBRITE, a leading manufacturer and supplier of innovative, energy efficient light source solutions and the premier educational resource for lamping technology, hosted a company-wide Bike Building Contest resulting in the donation of five children’s bicycles to the town of Moonachie and children in need.

All Bulbrite employees were divided into five interdepartmental bike building teams.  With the objective of building a bicycle and creating a commercial for the bike, the teams set to work on building each bike by hand.  With popcorn and snacks ready, all the videos were aired at a company-wide viewing.  The winner was voted on and announced at the April monthly company meeting.

The Bike Build was an opportunity for team members to interact and build deeper working relationships with each other.  Bulbrite prides itself with creating a work environment where people enjoy coming to work.  “It isn’t just about getting the work done, it is also about building friendships that last,” commented Andrew Miller, Marketing Communications Manager.

Cultivating Bulbrite’s award winning BE BRITE culture is at the center of a yearlong program with the ultimate goal of building a fully aligned, engaged and high performing team.  Mary Hogan, Director, Human Resources, said, “We plan several different functions throughout the year with many of them focusing on reaching out into our local community of Moonachie, NJ.  As a company, we have been so richly blessed we look for many ways to give back to our town.”  Other events at Bulbrite include their Bring Your Child to Work Day and a corporate 5K run.

Team “Cool Beans” won this year’s Bike Build event with a funny and original video based on a famous infomercial spot.  The commercials pushed the staff to tap into unused talents.  The bikes have all been donated to the municipality of Moonachie, where they will go to children in need.

To view the winning team’s commercial, visit www.facebook.com/bulbrite.  Don’t forget to follow Bulbrite’s Social Media Channels to see what projects the team is working on next.

Bulbrite Launches Over 40 New Products at Lightovation 2017

 Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – January 17, 2017 – Bulbrite is debuting over forty (40) new products at January 2017 Lightovation.

Twenty-one (21) fully compatible LED Filaments are premiering, including new E12 base options in B11, CA10, T6, and G16 shapes, and E26 base options in A19, ST18, and G25 shapes.  A variety of color temperature options are available, including new 3000K CCT bulbs. These new LED Filaments are compatible with all dimmer types, help save money and energy, and are UL listed.

Another exciting addition is the expansion of the Grand Nostalgic line of oversized bulbs. The line will now include three (3) new, unique shapes, including the NOS60-BH, a beehive shaped lamp, the NOS60-WB, reminiscent of an elongated water bottle shape, and the NOS60-DIAMOND, an exaggerated diamond shape lamp.  Four (4) new string lights will also make their official debut. With E12 and E26 bases, each string light comes packed with unique bulbs in either nostalgic or clear finishes.

In the General Lighting category, Bulbrite will launch new A19 and BR30 options that are JA8 certified to meet California’s Title 24 building standards. In addition, the MR16 line will feature new dimmable and enclosed rated models with COB (chip-on-board) technology, adding two (2) 5000K options and two (2) short neck PAR16 lamps to the assortment. All items in the 36 SKU assortment are ENERGY STAR® certified and rated for fully enclosed applications.

Bulbrite’s Product Manager Michael Stack is excited to bring new products to market in order to meet customers’ needs:

“Our goals for 2017 included launching a complete line of LED Filament bulbs that are fully compatible with ALL dimmer types, bringing to market items that meet current California Energy Commission performance standards (JA8), and pricing these products aggressively to offer great value to our customers.  Through advances in technology, I’m happy to say we’ve been able to do just that – offer more advanced, feature-laden products at lower pricing than ever before.  Additionally, we’re introducing several new ENERGY STAR® certified products to our LED lineup.”

For more detailed information on this new product and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2017 or our website at www.bulbrite.com.

Bulbrite Launches New 2017 LED Catalog

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – January 17, 2017 – Bulbrite recently announced the release of their 2017 LED Product Catalog, featuring a wide variety of LED lighting solutions for residential and commercial applications.

The new 2017 LED Product Catalog offers the most comprehensive compilation of product information for Bulbrite’s LED line.  It also features a new look and feel, rebranded with Bulbrite’s new “turn life on” branding, which will be unveiled at January 2017 Lightovation.

Bulbrite’s 2017 LED Product Catalog is divided into four major sections: Omni-Directional LEDs, Directional LEDs, Specialty LEDs, and Linear LEDs with an easy-to-follow coloring system, table of contents and index. Showcasing the company’s commitment to education, Bulbrite’s LED catalog design presents significant technical information in a user-friendly format. The new LED Education section highlights important resources that customers rely on to choose the right LED lamp for their needs, including graphic illustrations to further explain lighting terminology. Additionally, footnotes help users navigate UL ratings for dry, damp and wet location applications as well as legislative and performance certifications.

Compatibility icons throughout the catalog help users identify ENERGY STAR® certified products, UL listing, DLC certifications, dimmability and more to easily guide readers to find the ideal product for their unique lighting needs.

A downloadable PDF version of the 2017 LED Product Catalog is available on the new Bulbrite website (www.bulbrite.com).

Bulbrite Unveils New Website at Lightovation January 2017

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – January 17, 2017 – Bulbrite, a leading innovator in lighting solutions since 1971, has launched a new website, www.Bulbrite.com, as the centerpiece of its rebranding launch at January 2017 Lightovation.

The new website is a comprehensive overhaul, with the goal of making it the most user-friendly and inspiring in the industry.  With this goal in mind, the new Bulbrite.com features a clean, simple look with a captivating homepage that captures the essence of Bulbrite’s new brand with a focus on lighting as an experience.

The website features significant new tools including a robust product filter, product comparison tool, and an on-demand specification sheet generator.  With several thousand product SKUs to navigate, site visitors now have over twenty-four (24) product filters to help navigate their search.  The new filters include voltage, wattage, finish, base, bulb shape and more. The new site also gives users the ability to compare up to four (4) products side by side to see which bulb best suits their needs.

The website is also content rich with a customer portal login that houses the tools customers need.  In line with Bulbrite’s commitment to education, additional information on legislation can be found in the LEARN area of the website which also includes a link to lightopedia.com, Bulbrite’s proprietary online education center.

Other user-friendly features include a store locator as well as an energy savings calculator.

Bill Drysdale, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, is optimistic about how the new website will influence the end-user:

“We completely redesigned the website to enhance the user experience for our customers. We are excited for this launch, and know that this easy to navigate site will increase value to an exciting new level for the customer.”

For more detailed information Bulbrite’s new website, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2017.

Bulbrite Releases New Title 24 JA8 Compliant LED Models

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – January 17, 2017   Bulbrite, a leading manufacturer in General and Decorative lighting, has released six (6) new LED SKUs that are JA8 certified.

The new JA8 certification, established by the California Energy Commission, falls under Title 24 of their legislation that aims to make residential lighting more energy efficient and effective. The requirements are meant to transition residents into higher efficacy lighting, to improve cost standards and energy savings in new residential spaces. This certification means that lamps are strictly tested in a variety of categories to achieve the JA8 standard approval.

Bulbrite’s new 60W equivalent LED A19s are available in single and value 4-pack options, and in addition to their new JA8 compliance they are fully dimmable, Energy Star® certified, and rated for totally enclosed fixtures. These models are available in both 2700K and 3000K, and have a high 90 CRI rating.

In addition, two (2) new LED Reflector models have also recently been launched that meet the JA8 standards, making them Title 24 compliant for the state of California. These new 65W equivalent reflectors are also available in 2700K and 3000K, are fully dimmable and ENERGY STAR® certified.

All six (6) Title 24 compliant lamps are UL certified, have a high 90 CRI and are not only available to the California market but to all lighting users throughout North America.

General Lighting Product Manager Martha Delgado is excited to see these new lamps add an increased value to the Bulbrite line by offering quality lighting to their users:  “Entering 2017, our strategy with our general service lighting products is a keen focus on value. With improvements in LED technology, our huge win was being able to lower manufacturing costs while offering better LED products to our customers. Part of those improvements include better dimming performance, reduced flicker and high color rendering which allows us to provide 6 new SKUs that meet current California Energy Commission performance standards (JA8).”

For more detailed information on these new products and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2017.

Bulbrite Unveils New LED T8 and T5 Linear Tubes

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite is launching a new series of LED T8 and T5 retrofit lamps with seven (7) new models. These LED retrofits are perfect for efficient lighting in any commercial, residential or industrial settings.

The LED T8 lamps come in two convenient installation options, Bypass and Direct (Plug and Play) and are available in 3000K (Soft White) and 4000K (Cool White) color temperatures. Bulbrite’s new LED T8 lamps are a replacement for 32W 4’ Fluorescents, serving as a seamless transition for the popular fluorescent lamp. With two installation options on the new LED T8 retrofits, customers and users have the option to choose the installation process they desire. The Bypass LED T8 requires users to cut the operating power from the ballast and rewire the fixture to direct power. The fixtures must be wired to one end only and utilize non-shunted tombstone sockets. For convenience, Bulbrite will include a non-shunted tombstone socket with each Bypass LED T8. Bypass LED T8s will be labeled with a LIVE END so that the person installing can identify which end of the lamp to insert into the LIVE END of the fixture. The Direct LED T8 can simply be installed into existing ballast driven fixtures with no rewiring – it also has a much longer life than a standard fluorescent at 50,000 hours.

The LED T5s are Direct (Plug and Play) for simple installation and come in a variety of color temperatures including 3000/4000/5000K. This lamp replaces a 54W high output fluorescent, representing about 50% energy savings and has a longer life at 50,000 hours.

Both Bypass and Direct models allow any facility to lower their operating costs by introducing options that consume less energy and have a longer life.

All lamps are fully DLC Qualified, making them potentially rebate eligible. To see if there are rebates available in your area contact your local energy service company.

For more detailed information on this new product and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.

Lightovation is a bi-annual trade show held at the Dallas Market Center. The Dallas Market Center is widely renowned as the “International Home of Lighting”. During the Lightovation trade show, held each January and June, thousands of lighting buyers and professionals travel to Dallas to display their innovative product lines. Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center offers the most comprehensive collection of fixed, portable and trend lighting for residential and commercial applications.

Bulbrite Launches Innovative LED Curved Filaments at Lightovation

Lightovation: Dallas Int’l Lighting Show – Bulbrite, often referred to as the “King of Nostalgics”, continues to be the leading source for LED designer lamps. At June’s Lightovation Dallas International Lighting Show, Bulbrite unveils four (4) originally designed LED Curved Filaments, being the first to market with filaments that are not straight or linear.

LED Filaments have been flooding the market over the past several months offering consumers an alternative that looks like an incandescent, but provides the benefits of LED technology of energy savings and longer life. However, the only style available was a replica of the “thread” or sometimes referred to as “squirrelcage” filament due to the limitation of the LED stems being linear.

Pushing for a more authentic look and the development of more options that could replicate additional filament styles including loop and spiral styles, Bulbrite launches LED Curved filaments at Lightovation 2016. The new series features special curved filaments that allow Bulbrite to now create true replicas of all of the styles of the traditional vintage family.

The initial LED Curved Filaments include the LED A19 Loop (traditionally referred to as “the Victor”), LED ST18 Hairpin (traditionally referred to as “the 1890”), LED T14 Spiral and LED G25 spiral. These bulbs are available in both 2W and 4W options. The ingenious shape of the filament provides a visually stimulating element while still providing ambient, nostalgic lighting. With Bulbrite’s LED curved filament technology, the design possibilities are endless with this moldable filament feature. Additionally, all of these products are also UL listed and fully compatible on all dimmer styles, from incandescent to electronic low voltage (ELV) type dimmers, merging flawless style and convenience into each unique lamp.

For more detailed information on this new product and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2016.

ABOUT LIGHTOVATION Lightovation is a bi-annual trade show held at the Dallas Market Center. The Dallas Market Center is widely renowned as the “International Home of Lighting”. During the Lightovation trade show, held each January and June, thousands of lighting buyers and professionals travel to Dallas to display their innovative product lines. Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center offers the most comprehensive collection of fixed, portable and trend lighting for residential and commercial applications.