Lighting for Listing: 5 Lighting Hacks to Make your Homes Stand Out

There are so many factors that contribute to the time houses stay on the market, and some of those factors are beyond your control. However, how you present your homes is within your control, especially if you use lighting as a tool. Here is a list we have compiled a list of five easy lighting design “hacks” that can help you illuminate your homes to make a big impression at your next showing:

#1 – Make a statement with fixtures.

Many builders opt for neutral fixtures, which can be seen as plain and generic. Choose stand-out statement fixtures and light bulbs that can act as fixtures (such as the Grand Nostalgic Collection’s LED Iceberg Grand Filament bulbs) in your model homes to step up the “wow” factor. Statement light bulbs can also be a more economical alternative to purchasing an entire fixture in addition to bulbs.

#2 – Add smart lighting

Smart bulbs are an easy and low-cost way to impress potential buyers. As part of a connected-home ecosystem, smart bulbs give a contemporary and premium feel to any home. Controlled by an easy-to-use free app, smart bulbs enable homeowners to set lighting schedules, change color temperature, create pre-set scenes (think: “movie night”), implement dimming, and use their phone as a remote-control for lighting on-the-go. Homeowners can even connect their smart bulbs with other smart home products like Google Home or Amazon Echo to control their lighting via voice commands. No special hubs are required. Visit to learn more about our newest Smart LED bulb collection.

#3 – Utilize LED Bulbs

Home buyers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly options for their living spaces. Installing energy- and cost-efficient LED bulbs can help position your builds as eco-conscious, and the long-term savings in energy bills is a great selling point as well. Having LED bulbs doesn’t mean you need to compromise the aesthetics of your homes either– using decorative LED filament bulbs throughout the rooms add a more stylized feel.

#4 – Outdoor lighting for safety and inspiration

Impactful lighting is not confined to the interior of a house – there are plenty of exterior areas where well-placed lights can add to the curb appeal. Hanging string lights above a deck or around a garden trellis can create a warmer ambiance and help prospective buyers envision themselves throwing parties on the back porch. And don’t forget about security considerations – placing path lights along outdoor walkways and garden paths provide added safety benefits beyond just making a yard look beautiful.

#5 – Task lighting in the kitchen

This might sound like a no-brainer, but residential lighting should be both aesthetically pleasing AND functional. Nobody wants to cook in a dimly lit kitchen; install bright bulbs in lighting fixtures above kitchen islands and counter tops so buyers can meal-prep with ease. Under-cabinet lighting is another way you can win over even the most discerning home chefs and help them envision themselves being top chef in YOUR kitchen.

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