Get Smart about Smart Homes

The term “smart home” is everywhere these days. One of the great things about the smart home space is that there are now so many cost-effective and easily-scalable options. Smart home add-ons can be a great selling point to make your homes stand out. Whether it is connecting an Amazon Echo or creating a whole connected-smart home ecosystem, here are some tips to help bring your latest builds into the current century:

Doorbells – If you have ever seen a viral video featuring a “porch pirate” stealing someone’s Amazon delivery from their porch, you likely have a smart doorbell to thank for that footage.  Featuring a real-time video feed, smart doorbells such as the Ring allow homeowners to keep tabs on their porch and to communicate with visitors via their mobile device. This is especially handy when homeowners are expecting a visitor or package delivery while they are away, and installation is quick and easy. With the increasing popularity of these cameras, it’s a great sales advantage to have one already included in a new home.

Lighting – According to a survey by the National Association of Home Builders (NHB), 68% of new home buyers are concerned about their home’s impact on the environment. Whether a home buyer’s primary concern is being environmentally friendly, saving money on their energy bill, or simply more convenience, Smart LED bulbs offer an added incentive for potential buyers. Smart lighting also creates a “wow” factor in model homes with the demonstration of benefits such as scheduled lighting and settings that vary based on moments of the day like a gradually brightening wake-up setting and a bright cool white light setting for homework time. Including smart lighting in model homes helps potential buyers envision their lives in the space and can also be offered as an upgrade. Offering scheduling, scene-setting, color-temperature setting, remote dimming, and even color changing capabilities (on select bulbs), Bulbrite’s Solana Smart LED bulbs are a great choice for including smart lighting in new home builds.  With a variety of decorative bulb styles available, you don’t have to sacrifice a home’s design aesthetic in favor of functionality.

Smart thermostats – Add extra control with the option of a smart thermostat. Prospective buyers will love the ability to maintain a comfortable temperature from anywhere with the ability to change the temperature via a mobile device. Scheduling is another benefit provided, which again allows homeowners to moderate their climate control and hopefully, to allow them to enjoy a lower energy bill.

Close the deal – Why not offer prospective home buyers a smart-home-themed gift basket upon closing? With the press of a button on a smart phone, smart vacuums enable users to start and schedule automated cleaning. Or, for the reasonable sum of $49 each, invest in smart home devices such as the Amazon Echo or Google Home. Connected via Wi-Fi, these little devices can help homeowners control their other smart home products via voice command, but also provide entertainment value with streaming music, podcasts, and other voice command capabilities. As the saying goes, “work smarter not harder” – and with these “smart” upgrades your connected homes will effortlessly stand out in the competitive real estate market.