Bulbrite Launches Exclusive Plumen Partnership at January Lightovation 2019

Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show – January 16, 2019 – Bulbrite launches exclusive distribution agreement with Plumen at Lightovation January 2019.

Exclusive Plumen Distribution
Plumen bulbs have a heritage of being true art pieces, and Bulbrite is excited to announce its exclusive Lighting Showroom distributor agreement for Plumen’s new decorative LED Bulb.  The world’s first designer low energy bulb, the original Plumen 001 is now reincarnated as a high performing LED.  Plumen bulbs utilize flexible LED filaments to create the unique double loop form and is fully compatible with all dimmer types.  Plumen bulbs pair perfectly with a Bulbrite gunmetal or black pendant to create a standout piece.

Pendants & Grands
Bulbrite’s showstopping Pendant and Grand pieces allow customization and flexibility with your lighting.  Pendants are offered as individual pendants or in curated kits that include an LED Grand bulb, making it easier to buy the entire package to complete a specific look. Changing up a style is as easy as switching out a bulb with Bulbrite’s strikingly simple pendants and beautiful assortment of Bulbrite LED Grand bulbs. These pendants are UL listed, offer a 10’ woven cord, a 3-wire socket, and include a matching canopy.

Bulbrite’s four collections of pendants (Vintage, Contemporary, Industrial, and Natural Marble) offer buyers beautifully designed and quality-constructed products at an affordable price.  These pendants are the perfect complement for a variety of applications, including dining rooms, kitchens, and living rooms.

LED Filaments
Bulbrite continues to be the leader in LED Filament product with an expansion of the line into additional bulb shapes and wattages. Now available is the LED Filament A19, a 3000K Milky finish line extension which provides the most uniform light distribution without heatsink and hot spots or shadows.  These new products will provide users more options to switch out their traditional incandescent products for energy efficient LEDs without sacrificing look or feel.

LED Minis
Bulbrite’s small format LED mini bulbs are true retrofits for Halogen and Xenon lamps, now with higher lumens and a smaller profile than ever before.  Our line of LED Minis offer the right size, comparable levels of brightness, and dimmability similar to traditional bulbs. They are for residential and commercial applications, common uses include landscape lighting, pendants, chandeliers and sconces.  These lamps are fully dimmable and UL listed.

Legislation & Education
Legislation is critical to the availability and marketability of products. In our Lightovation showroom, Bulbrite shares insight into key Federal and State Legislative updates including DOE 2020, Title 20 and Title 24. Our showroom will also feature an overview of Lighting Basics including technology choices and other lighting concepts.

Homebuilder Loyalty Program
Bulbrite launches the Homebuilder Loyalty Program to continue to support partners with the tools necessary to service the growing residential builder market. In addition, Bulbrite offers a vast assortment of competitively priced light bulbs and integrated fixtures for all home construction applications.

For more detailed information on these new products and all of Bulbrite’s new product introductions, please stop by the Bulbrite Showroom #3525 at Lightovation: Dallas International Lighting Show 2019 or our website at www.bulbrite.com.

About Lightovation
Lightovation is a bi-annual trade show held at the Dallas Market Center. The Dallas Market Center is widely renowned as the “International Home of Lighting”. During the Lightovation trade show, held each January and June, thousands of lighting buyers and professionals travel to Dallas to display their innovative product lines. Lightovation at the Dallas Market Center offers the most comprehensive collection of fixed, portable and trend lighting for residential and commercial applications.

About Plumen
Plumen was founded in 2010 by Nicolas Roope and Michael-George Hemus, they created the name Plumen, a combination of “plume,” the decorative feathers of a bird and “lumen”, the measurement of light, which reflect the values of the company. Their Original Plumen 001 bulb was the world’s first designer low energy light bulb.